With this food guide written by My Krakow Tours’ own Nikki van Winkel, you’ll discover the best and coziest restaurants, bars, cafés, and clubs in Krakow! This is supplemented with interesting cultural tips, a snack route, and a pub crawl. Mijn Krakau Tips ensures an unforgettable experience of culinary Krakow!

My Krakow tips for every moment of the day

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack in between? For every moment of the day, there are plenty of gastronomy tips in the My Krakow Tips food guide so you can enjoy the best of Krakow all day long!

Waking up well in Krakow with a delicious breakfast

Savory or sweet, an omelet or an almond croissant? It’s all possible! The cutest breakfast spots with something for everyone can be found in My Krakow Tips!

Take a breath after an amazing morning in the cutest lunchrooms

A sandwich or a burger, a salad or a bao bun. For delightful lunches, we have more than enough options!

Indulging in a fantastic dinner at the finest restaurants

We don’t know any other city with as many good and fun restaurants as in Krakow! The best ones can be found in My Krakow Tips!

Having cozy drinks and snacks in between all the activities

Craving a glass of wine with a delicious cheese platter? Or perhaps a cocktail in a hidden cocktail bar? You’ll certainly discover the coolest spots in My Krakow Tips!



My Krakow Tips is the best way to discover culinary Krakow. This book is available now as an interactive e-book. Conveniently organized per area and including a Google Maps button to quickly navigate, because you probably can’t wait to visit all these amazing places!

Interactive E-book 2024

€9.99 including one autumn update

You will receive a digital version of My Krakow Tips in your inbox with a free update in the autumn. In the book, you will find convenient buttons that allow you to navigate easily through the document, and you can navigate directly to your chosen bar or restaurant.



My name is Nikki van Winkel, and I have been living in Krakow for 5 years now. Together with my boyfriend, we run a tour company where we organize bike tours and walking tours.

One of the things that struck me the most in this amazing city is how many super trendy and good gastronomy venues there are here! Because I enjoy sharing this with people, I decided to write a book about it! I hope you enjoy this wonderful culinary city as much as I do every day!


Because there is so much to explore, I have tried to conveniently organize my food guide as clearly as possible, so you don’t have to search long for your perfect spot.

Therefore, all districts are indicated with different colors: everything in the old town is on pink pages, the Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) is green, Podgórze (surrounding the former Jewish ghetto) is purple, and everything just outside the center is yellow. I’ve also created different chapters such as lunch, dinner, wine and beer, so you can quickly go to the pages you’re looking for!

To give you an extra treat, I have included two routes at the back of the book: a beautiful walking route with nice dining and drinking spots in between, and a pub crawl if you want to discover different bars with your friends.

Enjoy my food guide and soak up the beauty of the city of Krakow!


Old Town (Stare Miasto)

The Old Town, with its rich history and striking architecture, attracts many tourists because of the largest market square in Europe and the beautiful Wawel Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Surrounded by the lovely Planty Park, the district offers a variety of restaurants and bars, although finding authentic places among the tourist hotspots can be a challenge. For breakfast and lunch, the old center is my favorite.



The Jewish quarter of Krakow, once the cultural center of the Jewish community in Poland, still reflects its rich history in architecture, but Jewish culture is no longer dominant. The district has flourished in recent years, with old buildings, graffiti, and artist shops providing the backdrop for numerous cozy restaurants and bars. In the summer, there are many outdoor seating areas, from squares to hidden gardens, which give this district its authentic charm.


Podgórze / Zabłocie

his emerging district holds a lot of history, with traces of the former ghetto from World War II and the opportunity to visit Schindler’s factory. In addition to historical attractions, the district also offers one of Krakow’s most beautiful churches and plenty of green space. In terms of gastronomy, it’s a trendy destination, with many young entrepreneurs creating contemporary restaurants and bars.


Outside the center of Krakow, there are numerous beautiful places to discover, suitable for nature lovers, food enthusiasts, and fans of panoramic views. Krakow is known for its green areas with lakes, parks, and viewpoints, perfect for relaxation and natural beauty. Even outside the center, you’ll find an abundance of trendy dining spots, including a converted old fortress, a terrace in the middle of a meadow, and a food court along the river with various craft beer and cocktail bars.


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